VVMapping - Snowmobile trails

Snowmobile Trails in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and Minnesota


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The trails are shown as a bright yellow/orange color which stands out from the rest of the map. Certified county roads are shown as black lines, other roads, such as forest roads are shown as dashed lines. Trails are labeled by their trail number.


Also available is the combined Snowmobile and ORV trail system maps.


Covers all of these States in 1:24,000 detail. The Snowmobile Trail system is included in it's entirety. Each trail has been documented with a GPS unit and regularly updated, the most accurate product available. Note a few areas of southern Wisconsin are still being updated/GPS'd and will be included in future releases.


Now you can know where you are on the trail, where the parking lot is, which roads are near by and even which trail intersection is coming up. This map is fully "routable" enabling you to pick a destination and have the GPS guide you by trail and road to that point. The routing function is designed to prefer trails over roads.


This map covers all of Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota. It is built on the most recent 1:24,000 scale data and includes highways, roads, water features and various points of interest. It also has public land data including State Parks, State Recreation Areas plus other State, USFS & Military land sections. Numerous non-motorized trails (hiking) are also included. ORV Trails are also included.

Includes complete forest road coverage for all of the National Forests in each State, straight from their Motor Vehicle Use Map.



VVMapping - Snowmobile trails