Universal ATV Kit

Includes everything you need to mount and install this on any ATV with a 12v battery or constant 12v, 5amp DC source

Navigate the trails and charge your GPS and cell phone.


Kit will come pre programmed with everything you need to get out on the trail.


Includes the following:

-6” Garmin Nuvi (with added screen sealant)

-Optional waterproof bag upgrade

-Optional USB heat pad upgrade


Mounting Base

-Bar clamp


Mounting Arms

-1.5" arm

-3" arm

-5" arm

-Dual 1.5" arms

-Dual 3" arms


Power Options

-Dual USB plug (if your ATV already has a 12v outlet)

-12V, marine grade outlet, fused wiring harness and Dual USB plug

-12V, marine grade dual USB outlet wth fused wiring harness

-Direct wire Garmin harness



***Please review and purchase a Trail Map***


***These maps are created by privately owned companies and will be an additional cost***


***Sled GPS does not create or maintain the maps. We purchase the map of your choice and program the unit for you***

Universal ATV Kit