Northwest Snow Trails

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Northwest Snow Trails is a mapset of cross-country ski, snowshow, and snowmobile trails in the Northwest (Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, British Columbia and Alberta) designed for upload to any map-enabled Garmin GPS receiver.



Northwest Snow Trails is made to be "transparent", which means that when loaded with other Mapsource products (or the GPSr base map) the trails appear as data laid over the top of the other maps. Northwest Snow Trails can also be loaded directly to the GPSr on its own. Custom type definitions are used to help distinguish trail types and make them easier to see on the map than the default trail lines. There are currently two different sets of these custom types available for those installing the product using the PC version of the installer: "Normal" presents a relatively subtle appearance and works well with most of the newer high-resolution GPS screens, while the "High Visibility" type is intended for those who want a bolder, more obvious look to the trails. This set works best for fast-moving activities during which you can't watch the screen all of the time (like mountain biking) or for lower resolution screens like those on the 60 series receivers.



The mapset currently covers the states of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, British Columbia and Alberta (see coverage map below). However, since government GIS sources of unknown quality and completeness are the source of much of this data, there is a significant need for not only additional data but also verification of virtually all of these trails by GPS-wielding users. The intent is, over time, for the coverage of the mapset to expand to include thorough GPS-verified coverage of all trails located in the Pacific Northwest.

Northwest Snow Trails